Book Writing is not an easy job to handle as it appears to be. The process involves a lot of complications that sometimes people get severely trapped into the web of complexities that they never get to the final product. If you have an amazing story in your mind that has the potential to turn into a best-selling book, then let us help your craft a master piece that the world will remember. Our team, with the help our flawless services, make our customers stand out among the best writers of the time. Our esteemed ghostwriters are well-versed with numerous styles of writing and are able to formulate the most compelling and innovative books of any genre, such as; fiction, non-fiction, biography, cook books, children’s book, etc., in minimal time.

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Our team charge anyone a single penny for any revisions. We can review your projects countless time just to make you feel satisfied./p>


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A good product description can help you in bettering the sales. The product descriptions we create have the potential to enhance your conversion rate.



Our team, with the help our flawless services, make our customers stand out among the best writers of the time. Our writers know exceptionally well how to incite the high level of excitement in the media contacts through captivating press releases.



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A good book that incorporates the story as fascinating as Lord of the Rings’ plot, but lack a good cover design or its cover design is to out-fashioned then it’s not likely that you will be able to sell the desired number of copies of that book. These days a picture tells a thousand tales, and a good visual representation, like a spellbinding book cover, can also help you entice more audience.

An author can be really excited for the book launch but how to ignite this much excitement for the book launch in the hearts of the readers? This is where video book trailers come really handy and help you motivate your audience to buy your book. Our expert team of producers and videographers incorporate the plot’s main element to make an engaging video trailer.

After the advent of smartphones people are more inclined towards reading a book on a smartphone instead of buying a hardcopy. That’s why it intensifies the value of e-book publishing even more, it is crucial for any writer get publish e-books alongside hardcopies. Our team makes sure that the quality of you book stays intact while converting it for e-book publishing.

Nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than seeing your book’s name emerging on top on the search result. 360 Digital Marketing LTD makes you boost your book’s online visibility in your, resulting in more leads and better the sales by converting potential leads.

While publishing your book, you have to keep in mind that not all your readers are physically healthy, there are a lot of readers who are impaired can’t comprehend a hardcopy. So it would be really important for you to not to lose a good chunk of your readership and get your book publish in the audio form as well. Our audio artists will help you narrate your book in an extremely engaging manner.

Before publishing a book, it is extremely important to review the final product multiple times, acutely scrutinize it to completely eradicate the probability of error. In order to keep our final product flawless and up to the par with the international standards, our team of book editors and proofreaders scrutinize each and every bit of content with impeccable editing and proofreading.

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